Commercial Tenant Improvement:

  • Business owner finds a desirable building space and works with the landlord on an agreeable lease. This lease will cover what is included in the tenant allowance: per sq ft or specific materials reimbursement, at what point is substantial completion considered, additional costs, etc.
  • After working with a landlord on a building lease, owner procures services of a contractor and architect. This step can vary greatly depending on specific business/franchise requirements.
  • Permit applications are completed and submitted to the city for approval along with architectural plans.
  • Once permits and plans are approved and stamped, construction can begin.
  • Throughout the construction process various inspections by a city official will take place.
  • Once construction is complete, a final inspection is done on the building and once approved, a certificate of occupancy is given to the owner.
  • The contractor is available for any punch list items and warranty, operations, or maintenance issues.


Design/Build (Tenant Improvement OR Ground-Up):

  • An initial meeting with all parties to be involved to gain understanding of the vision, entire process, and ultimate end goal.
  • An architect works to make building plans that the owner and contractor give input and feedback on. Sometimes plan reviews happen multiple times to ensure the plans are exactly to the owners specifications.
  • After plans are approved and stamped by the city, a forecast is made in the form of a construction estimate of what the building costs will entail (including allowances for unknowns), and how long the project will take place.
  • A contract is signed and construction begins.
  • Diligent project management happens daily and updates can be given to the owner as often as desired. All aspects of construction are monitored to assure quality control.
  • Inspections by city officials happen continuously throughout construction, and upon a successful final inspection passed, the owner is given a certificate of occupancy.
  • After construction is complete, any punch list, warranty, operation, and maintenance issues are addressed.
  • K6 Construction is also available to do quick commercial remodels, when applicable, working on a 24 hour schedule. Please contact us directly to discuss all possibilities.

Above are the fairly common steps taken in the Commercial Tenant Improvement and Design/Build Processes. However, because no two jobs are exactly the same, your project timeline and process may look different.