Below are quotes and reviews that have been emailed to us or posted on our Facebook page. Click here if you would like to leave a review.

Danny Gonzales

"K6 Construction was great to work with. Phil is professional, friendly, and he ensured our project was completed to our expectations. We will definitely use K6 Construction for any future projects. Thanks K6 Construction!"

Brent Wilson, Owner of Dutch Bros Coffee, Fresno

“Working with Phil and Windi was like working with family. They made the construction process as smooth as possible, and Dutch Bros looks forward to the many projects ahead.”

Sean Provost, Owner of Dutch Bros Coffee, Woodland

"Working with the team at K6 has exceeded our expectations. It immediately felt like we have known them for years! Kip and Phil were on top of every part of the build and they completed the project beautifully and in record time. We are looking forward to working with them for projects in the future!"

Gene H. Chien, Owner of Piccadilly Inn Shaw

"K6 Construction is perfectly represented by their logo. Trust. Integrity. Purpose.

Trust: From our very first meeting, I knew Phil would take good care of my restaurant at the Hotel Piccadilly and become my advocate when dealing with subcontractors and City officials. That trust enabled me to rest easy knowing K6 Construction was working on my behalf.

Integrity: My biggest concern for construction products are the hidden costs that inevitably come up during the course of construction. No matter the issue, Phil stuck to the estimate he provided and communicated with me every step of the way if I had options which might lead to increased costs. K6 Construction handled my project with integrity and I would not hesitate to work with them on future projects.

Purpose: I truly believe that Phil loves his company and his clients. He enjoys seeing his projects transform into something beautiful. It was a pleasure to work with a person that treated construction as a profession instead of just another job."

Franchisee of Sports Clips

"We have three Sport Clips locations in the Central Valley, with two in Fresno which we recently remodeled. We have used two different contractors on the three different jobs and are totally impressed with K6, and especially Phil's eye for detail and willingness to do extras just to help us out.

When we built our Turlock location in April, we used another contractor who did a fantastic job. But, after acquiring two existing locations in Fresno and wanting to do a major remodel, we wanted to use someone local. After interviewing several contractors, including our original contractor from Turlock, we felt comfortable with K6 and Phil, so we went with them.

Although our original contractor was good, Phil was unbelievable, mainly because his follow up and constant communication with us was extraordinary, and I've dealt with a lot of contractors. He remodeled our first location at Fort Washington in the exact timeline that he quoted, even though that required he had workers on sight throughout many of the nights (all night), and we were back in business just as we had told our clients.

The second remodel of our Sport Clips location at Palm & Herndon in Fresno was finished one day ahead of schedule, mainly because Phil was able to overlap some of the workers and get it done in 6 days instead of the normal franchise remodel time of 7 days.

The best part, besides his communication with my wife and I was the fit and finish. Most everything was perfect, our employees were amazed, and any issue that came up afterword, which were a few that simply couldn't be anticipated by either K6 or us, were fixed within hours.

Highly, highly recommend these folks. Just call them, ask for a bid and watch the follow up. The follow up has always been the downfall of almost every contractor that I've ever used, and I was pleasantly surprised how good Phil was.

For a real testimony, go by Sport Clips at Fort Washington & Friant or Herndon & Palm and see the work for yourself....and maybe get a haircut as well."

Jeremy Vanderlinden, Executive Director of Operations & Development at The Well Community Church

“Working with Phil and his team at K6 has been a pleasure.  The construction experience has been relatively smooth compared to other jobs we’ve done with other GC’s.  I know a lot of peers who never hire the same contractor for multiple jobs because of burned bridges.  I can tell you this…I’d be more than happy to hire Phil and his team at K6 for future projects because of their commitment to our relationship.  Thanks for leading a company that has integrity and is trustworthy to help make our plans come to life."